Our Services

    Cyber security

We provide consultancy in digital security for enterprises and technology infrastructure and in the field of software applications (mobile or the web). In addition to practical training for institutions staff to enable them reaching basic information security and privacy

    Computer Networks and IT

Design and implement wired or wireless computer networks for small business, and covering technology infrastructure required for organization work, storage and management. We make monthly maintenance contracts for computer networks and equipment, covering the daily technical needs and backup.

    Information systems and databases

Designing information system for organizations or any of its departments, so that the system serves the processes of compilation, arrangement and storage of data, also information accessibility via search engine. In addition we provide analysis of data and convert them into useful insights to support decision-making and strategies development. The information system deals with ordinary files and documents, as well as databases and geographic data.

    Mobile & Web Applications Development

Mobile applications programming for Android and iOS that are connect to the Internet to view content, database-based applications, or handle maps, as well as web application programming.

    Electronics and Robot systems

Drawing and printing electronic circuits to provide technical solutions, also firmware programming and industrial automation, and design of robot systems.






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Smart home systems based on ESP8266


Initial concepts in embedded C language


Defects in Object Oriented Programming

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