Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important emerging areas that will be the next wave of technology - after the wave of smartphones - IoT means connecting things to the internet, such as chair, table or refrigerator ... Another point of view is to turn ordinary devices (house devices , industrial devices , etc.) into smart ones. This will lead to a very significant development in our lives as individuals up to the construction of smart cities, factories and hospitals .. So we believe we have to take our role in participating to this trend and use it as a promising investment.
Thingy is platform consisting of multi electronic modules, for general use, that are able to connect via WIFI to the internet , and are controlled through a smart phone application, which provides a single interface to control your home - office - remotely.


Thingy for Everyone

Thingy does not need an smart-home infrastructure, but it can be used to turn your normal home (office) into smart. It only needs a WiFi connection.
Devices can work even without WiFi network becuase Thingy modules are able to broadcast there own network.

Very easy installation

Once Thingy is plugged-in it automatically goes into installation mode, and starts pairing with the smart phone.
Thingy automatically senses the presence of the smart phone, so that the application is compatible and able to send and receive commands from/to it.

One solution to control everything

Thingy offers control of various aspects (lighting control, temperature or alarms) at home, office or even car and integrates with existing systems.

Updates and support

The nature of technology is constantly advancing so we need to keep the development and debug, so Thingy platform in a meant to be flexible to accept updates easily.

Security and Privacy Protection

All Thingy devices use encrypted connections to protect user privacy.
The platform provides the most powerful security standards to prevent hacking or spying attempts.

Artificial Intelligence

Thingy can automatically manage your home or office for you, and that is based on options like power-saving, moods and by taking advantage of all user inputs to learn user patterns.


Smart Socket

Electrical outlet that provides control over any electrical device, thus it is the first step to control its operations.
Features include:
Electrical protection:against electricity fluctuations, and monitor energy consumption of devices, and detect electrical problems (high voltage or leaking) The socket will cur off power in order to protect devices or people.
Energy Saving:Thingy provides power consumption reports as well as electrical breakdown notifications to determine and identify excess consumption problems.
USB charger for mobile phones:A special 2A USB port for charging phones.

Smart Lamp

Control lighting is one of the most important components of smart-home, because lighting affects mood, health and energy consumption.
Lighting is also controlled by Thingy application over smartphone, as well as automatic management (such as adjusting the intensity of lighting by external lighting - changing the color to adjust the mood)
A Lamp socket also available which is useful in cases where you don't want to replace lights you currently have.

Smart Remote Control

All devices that have an IR receiver (TVs, air conditioners, video ...) can be controlled from Thingy, which make it an alternative to normal remote controls and there problems.
Thingy smart remote control is compatible with all types of air conditioners, televisions and receivers. It is also compatible with all devices that have IR controllers (fans, curtains, lighting devices, ...) through programmability.
The user can schedule certain commands in advance such as programming the operation of the TV to operate a particular channel at a specified time or turn on the heating or air conditioning before arriving home.


Through industrial Thingy, industrialists can follow the work of machines in their factories remotely, from their offices or abroad, and receive alerts in normal and emergency situations, thus easily follow the workflow and know the machine status.
This helps to ease the task of following up on the progress of the work and the industrialists are more devoted to other business such as sales or industrial development.
Industrialists also benefit from the reports of the work of machines in accounting operations such as matching the production with the operating time or the calculation of operating costs, also raising the accuracy and efficiency of accounting operations and production control to find out if there is a default and avoid this default.
The other Thingy models (Intelligent Electric Flush, Intelligent Control) offer various services in homes and offices where you can control the lighting, temperature, alarms etc in addition to air conditioning, fridge, TV ....


Thingy Industrial sends alerts if the machine stops working for a certain period (you can set the time yourself and if it is exceeded, alerts are sent to you), reports on production and machine work.
Thingy uses a standard Wifi network to connect to the Internet and send information at high speed.
Near real-time, all Thingy devices use encrypted communications to protect the privacy of the user and have the highest security standards to prevent hacking and espionage.


As a Thingy provider for all categories we can achieve a lot of sales and deliver it to a large number of people so that all regular homes, offices and factories are converted from ordinary to smart.
In addition to the above, the work of the machines can be linked to each other and the factory can be controlled by Thingy.
Reports and statistics provide maintenance information that helps avoid accidents during work.
We believe that Thingy is capable of developing a full life and that we are able to deliver it to large numbers locally locally, at the Middle East and in the future.